Traiana is building a lifecycle management tool for Equity Swap post-trade, focused on improving the daily front-to-back processes across market participants via a single user interface.


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The Equity Swaps market currently has an inefficient, labor-intensive and manual T+N affirmation process – particularly during reset periods – with high fixed costs.


  • One Language, One Interface

Our exception-management tool will consume, normalize and present T+N swap reporting data in one consistent language, with a customizable user interface.


  • Interact with Data Through the Life-Cycle

The service will enable clients to review, reconcile and interact with their T+N data throughout the swap lifecycle, from trade date to settlement.


  • Efficient and Transparent

Communication processes will be centralized, with daily breaks resolved quickly and efficiently with tracking & auditing functionality.



  • A centralized platform to enable equity-swaps reconciliation and affirmation of daily valuations,
    payments and legal confirmations.
  • Interact efficiently with your counterparties via our exception management tool to identify, track and
    resolve breaks to achieve equity swaps affirmation.
  • Increase efficiencies in the swap market, particularly for the monthly reset periods, and reduce risks to
    unlock costs savings across industry participants using the service.


Payments Module: A central hub to digitize swap-provider payment reports for the buy-side to accept/
dispute cash-flow values.

Confirmations Module: A central hub to digitize and store confirmations for buy-side firms to accept/
dispute. Combines with the Swap Wrapper Service.

Lifecycle Management Module: Daily monitoring of trade activity and valuations for matching, reporting
and break-management with click to accept/dispute and direct counterparty communication.


  • Normalize swap report data and swaps trade payment messaging
  • Single data entry, cloud-based solution translates swap-provider reporting into a universal format
  • Dynamic dashboard to provide high-level overview on risk and break statuses across the modules, directing users into exceptions to accept or dispute with counterparties
  • Swap-wrapper view across all open swaps to understand structure, behavior, pricing and fixing breaks at source level by linking ‘static’ fields to underlying swap components
  • Matching engine will perform real-time daily reconciliations across valuation and payment flows
  • Lite Match day-on-day comparison of swap-provider reporting for ‘fixed’ fields with link to swap wrappers
  • Full Match reconciliation between buy-side and sell-side swap-data sets
  • Centralized exception-management tool with tracking and audit between the parties
  • Affirmation of equity swap values available across components
  • Analytics view into the market, track peer-to-peer and counterparty performance and trends


Find out more by viewing our Equity Swap Lifecycle Management video here.