Our solution offers the buy side, sell-side and custodians a comprehensive, multi-party, net trade settlement network service. We bring together market participants for staging payments efficiently.


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Trade settlement processing can be inefficient, with many market participants today forced to choose gross settlement to ensure straight through processing (STP).



Our cross-asset bilateral trade netting service automates settlement netting and payments agreement for bilateral trades.




Matching is required as part of the payment netting staging process, in order to ensure the accuracy of the netting figures. Our FX-message flow and matching service is utilised by both buy-side and sell-side. It offers flexible matching configuration of client allocations against dealers’ confirmations.

Netting engine

The service will calculate payments based on the matched underlying trades in real time. Participants will have the ability to configure predefined trade netting cut-offs for triggering the payment netting workflow. Full exception management is available as part of our trade netting service.

SSI Enrichment

The service will enrich the buy-side/sell-side SSI data to the payment messages, which will be held in an internal SSI console.

Payment messaging

The service can provide trade payments messaging direct to custodians or back to your own systems for self management.