We offer a platform for credit risk management that our clients can use to manage both credit limits and the legal documents that underpin and enable credit to be extended between counterparties.


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Prime brokers and other market participants are under increasing regulatory pressure to ensure requirements for transparency and limit monitoring are met, with rigorous counterparty credit checks.



Our platform for credit risk management enables users to establish, monitor, amend and terminate credit agreements from a single user interface.


FX prime brokerage

The service enables complete post-trade limit management so that prime brokers can control the amount of credit allocated to clients from with one credit checking tool. PB trading limit management can be centralized and viewed in one interface.

OTC clearing

Pre-trade limit checking enables participants trading OTC derivatives and their clearing brokers to comply with the requirement for a pretrade credit credit before entering into trades.


We provide a mechanism to distribute credit dynamically and Kill Switches to disable credit at the flick of a switch. Our Rebalancing analytics and tools enable credit providers to reduce the over-allocation of credit at individual trading venues.


Other market participants from executing brokers to trading venues and buy-side users of credit are given full visibility over credit use, making trade credit risk more transparent.

Documentation service

We have addressed common documentation industry challenges and have the legal golden source for FX prime brokerage documentation. The documentation service is comprised of three core components

  • Flexible document creation across multiple legal agreement types
  • Multi-party negotiation for faster time to market delivery
  • Complete lifecycle management